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A provider of integrated enterprise services

A comprehensive platform for business travellers that aims to provide ultimate customer experience in areas of living, travelling, dining, networking, tourism, sport, shopping, etc..

About Us

Yuwa Commercial Management UK Co., Limited focus on the serviced apartment business in UK. The serviced apartment business is ascending rapidly and become the top tier within the hospitality industry, ahead of the traditional hotel business. The company provides one-stop solution services for all UK travellers especially for the travellers from Asian-Pacific. 

Yuwa Commercial Management UK Co., Limited is adopting an asset-light strategy for its operations and is focusing on provides faultless services for great value.



To provide perfect and personalized service, make customers feel at home and make their life easy.

Easy Apartment

Business apartment designed to provide a hospitable living experience for business travellers. It believes in “home is where you can put your mind at ease” and provides personalized 24/7 service.

Bespoke One-Stop Services Apartment

Providing professional one-stop solutions services for travellers who like to enjoy the family trip in the UK.

Consultancy Services

Consulting services for who interested in renting out their properties as services apartment in the UK.

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